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Silver Medal at the Orange County Fair

Our 2004 Syrah, Estate Grown on our ranch in the Ojai Valley has just won a Silver Medal at the 31st Annual Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition. This competition is the largest and most comprehensive judging of California wines in the world, with over 3,150 wines being judged this year by 93 professional wine makers and/or winery principals. We are very excited about this news and we hope this will help let more and more people know that there is very high quality wine being grown and produced right here in Ventura County.

A Day in the Life

Our local newspaper, the Ventura Star, came to visit as we were harvesting our 2005 vintage. As they chronicled the “day in the life of an Ojai vintner”, they noted: “Small, family-run wineries like the Dufaus' Ojai Ridge face a variety of challenges that are virtually unknown by the likes of Beringer and Kendall-Jackson. First, they must fend off the occasional visiting bear intent on eating more than its share of the already comparatively tiny harvest. Then they must jostle with the big guys for shelf space in wine shops and restaurants. Creating a limited-production wine in an as-yet-unheralded region may be one way to cut through the noise.”
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